Will I ever STOP?

“Will I ever stop?” is one of those desperate questions I get asked many times.

Love is the reason why I do what I do and my heart goes out to anyone in this situation.

When a person is talking about their gambling addiction, the simple answer is YES, but it will only stop, after you accept that you want and need to change your life.

Acceptance of this decision, doesn’t mean you’re giving up your creativity, your will or your power. How many of these could you say you have had while you were gambling? Acceptance, actually  means you will be getting these powers back.

Acceptance is seeing and understanding the reality you are facing. Strength comes through understanding, and I am very good at helping my clients achieve this.

You hard to overcome addiction on your own.

During your day, do not succumb to your confusion, negativity or potentially dangerous thinking. Understand what forces you’re vulnerable to and where your strengths lie.

One of the most important skills to develop in recovery is to be in regular communication with people who can assist you on your path.

We support and develop skills during our group and one to one sessions, these help you with your decision and your acceptance to stop.

Those that once criticised can become your best support network!

We are social beings and so we heal better through relationships, that is why I encourage my clients to talk to their partners, friends, families and a big reason why we run family programs at the retreat.

Reach out to them, connect with them, ask them for help, and they will help you gain the FREEDOM you deserve, and very soon you will have lived your way into the answer.

Many have tried to stop in the past and failed, mainly because they were alone!

So if you are reading this and you are a gambler in need of support:

  • Take action
  • Save your life
  • Move Beyond Addiction
  • And be free
  • Contact me today

Welcome to my world and my community.

Sending you Love and Gratitude,


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Written by Nuno Leitao

March 25, 2019

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