The personification of gambling addiction

How Gambling Addiction works

You will be better equipped to tackle it, if you have greater understanding of how it operates!

Gambling addiction has qualities and characteristics and many personalities.

You will relate to it better by personifying it.

It is a charming shapeshifter and even has favourite foods:
  • Your Shame for breakfast
  • Your Guilt for lunch
  • Your Remorse for tea
  • And for dessert – fake happiness topped with lies

In other words gambling addiction is drawn to that diet, because it loves secrecy and it pleads to be kept secret.

And in addition, when it takes hold of you, it will do what it can to keep you chained to that diet.

That is why it is so damaging if you relapse, because it feeds on your self-confidence, you become ashamed and you certainly don’t want to tell anyone!

In conclusion if you are recovering and you relapse, what you should do is the complete opposite.

You should share that experience with whomever you want, tell your partner, tell your friend, tell anyone who will listen, because you know what? Gambling Addiction doesn’t like it!

Go and kick arse…

Written by Nuno Leitao

March 25, 2019

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