Self-care Vs Selfishness

Self – Care is not being Selfish

Instead it is all about honouring your wants and needs.

The truth is that when we practice SELF-CARE we become better parents, better children, friends, overall a better person.

When our well is full, we are better able to give and nurture others, while also enjoying the bliss of self-love.

  • Selfishness never yields joy, peace or love.
  • Being selfish is choosing to consistently only think of your own needs and wants.
  • Selfishness does not create the ability to share, nurture or serve.
  • Being selfish creates an internal and external experience of isolation and loneliness.
Honour your wants and your needs with Self-Care
  • Self-care allows for more sharing and nurturing because there is plenty to give without being depleted or exhausted.
  • Self-care allows you to serve others well because you have acknowledged your own worth and cultivated ways to fill and refill your well.
  • By choosing to honour your inner wants and needs in order to fulfil your potential, discover your purpose and experience joy. Sometimes that requires putting yourself ahead of someone else.
It is a win-win situation. Chose to reframe your belief system.

When you do so, the thoughts around self-care shift and begin to emerge:

  • Let go of resentment of others.
  • Stop being a victim of others ‘demands’.
  • Begin to experience joy and happiness

Start to experience this quality and see your relationship skyrocket.

  • Set limits and boundaries in your relationship.
  • Allow both of you to give and receive, thus safeguarding you both from resentment and bitterness.

How has your beliefs about self-care affected your feelings and actions? 

Sit and take a few minutes to meditate or simply think, maybe write in a journal.

Have these beliefs brought more love or more conflict?

If the latter is true, there is good news, YOU CAN CHANGE IT ALL by simply changing the way you think about the word selfish.

Stop struggling with these false and limiting beliefs! 

You have already started to change – just by reading this article!


Written by Nuno Leitao

May 17, 2019

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