One to One Counselling

One to One Counselling

Throughout his extensive experience and studies, Nuno believes gambling is an illness, therefore, as such, it means there must be a cause for it. Once the cause is found then finding a solution for the problem will become a possibility.

The 3 ‘S’ Treatment program: Symptom, Source and Solution

Gambling is a way of escaping and masking your feelings therefore it is seen as a SYMPTOM

To be able to solve the problem we need to find its SOURCE or roots

Finally….once it is identified a SOLUTION can be found

Extensive research on addictions and gambling in particular has led to the believe that the main causes for addictions are due to some of the following: negative thinking, self-doubt, resentment, low self-esteem, relationships, career, grief and loss, anxiety, fears, depression, learned behaviour etc.

Our professionals are highly skilled, knowledgeable and empathetic. We believe everyone should feel understood, relieved and excited about the new opportunities. We help our guests create an inner desire, with direction and the discipline to achieve whatever they want in their life. The team is led and coordinated by Nuno and Ana our Clinical Director oversee our qualified therapists.

Our one-to-one counselling team use an integrative and individualised approach, where the counsellor meets the resident’s varied needs. Individualized counselling helps identify inner issues our guests have in their lives and that they believed they would always be stuck with. Encouraged to commit to a desire for change, our guests through coaching, develop a course of action they commit to.

To our delight, the World Health Organization in January 2017 declared gambling in the ICD-11 category, meaning that it’s inclusion of gambling disorder in ICD-11 is based on reviews of available evidence and reflects a consensus of experts from different disciplines and geographical regions that were involved in the process of technical consultations undertaken by WHO in the process of ICD-11 development.

This inclusion of gambling disorder in ICD-11 follows the development of treatment programmes for people with health conditions identical to those characteristics of gambling disorder in many parts of the world, and will result in the increased attention of health professionals to the risks of development of this disorder and, accordingly, to relevant prevention and treatment measures.

Here’s the article from the World Health Organisation

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