Portugal, perfect for renewal and transformation

It couldn’t get any better, than the peace and tranquility of Alombada, a small village, set in the peaceful mountains of Caramulo.

Here’s an overview

Portugal is geographically centrally located and is easily accessible for Europeans and Americans.

Offering an affordable rehab choice, the magnificent central region of Aveiro also offers a serene supportive setting for the recovery process.

This region of Portugal has many different landscape features the beautiful beaches of Costa Nova, to the waterfalls and rivers running through the mountains. Also the natural hot water spas provide a unique holistic water relaxing experience.

Located one hours’ drive from Porto airport, it has good access, with main roads linking the North/South, East and West.

This is Nuno’s home country, as he was born in Porto and knows this area and the people exceptionally well.

Blissfully peaceful, tranquil and totally empowering

Your five senses will become alive again when you start experiencing all that this country has to offer.

You will be encouraged and led towards a life changing experience that will facilitate an inevitable transformation.

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Integrated in a natural setting, we have used eco-friendly building materials to create a sustainable environment.

People can comfortably receive and experience natures’ empowering healing energy.

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