Group Therapy

Group Therapy Work plays a very important in our guests experience.

The use of group therapy within a group provides an opportunity to explore life’s situations. Our team of therapists, draws on the group’s energy and spontaneity to explore the intervenients’ circumstances.

This includes how past experiences, thoughts and feelings influence present day behaviours. By working in this creative way, the significance and meaning of events becomes clearer. Using imagination and the support of the group, the past can be reviewed and understood from a broader perspective while any unexpressed thoughts and emotions are released.

We also use Animal Assisted Interventions within our group therapy, using the ATAC and Hugo Roby expertise

Having a strong support system is key when it comes to overcoming addiction. For some people, this kind of network isn’t available in their home environment and we find our guests often benefit from the encouragement of others with an addiction. Hearing how others cope, learning interpersonal skills and uncovering how their behaviours can impact on other people, all help on their journey to FREEDOM and overcoming their addiction.

Imagine a big clock,  It moves clockwise to plan and see your future and anti-clockwise to remember your past. 

With this more complete understanding, a different conceivable future can be both imagined and experienced. New responses can then be identified and practiced, giving the possibility of greater well-being in the future road to recovery.

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