Gambling Star Assessment

problem gambling questionnaire to gain an understanding of your risk level

Thinking about last year, please answer the questions and circle your answer, add up the results based on the following scores. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible.

  • 0 – Never
  • 1 – Sometimes
  • 2 – Most of the time
  • 3 – Almost always

Results: The higher the score the more likely you’re at risk.

  • 0 = No problem gambling.
  • 1–5 = Low level of problem gambling, with few or no identified consequences.
  • 6–10 = Moderate problem gambling, leading to some negative consequences.
  • 11-15 = Problem gambling with negative consequences and a possibility of losing control.
  • Above 16 = High risk of losing control, already out of control or even suicidal ideation.

So, what next? A gambling problem never gets better on it’s own; whatever level of gambling you scored, get in touch with us and we can help you to decide where to go from here.

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