The Power of Family Programs

A gambler affects on average 14 people around them.

Take a moment to consider how many lives they have potentially affected!

Are you one of them? 

Gamblers lie to their family and friends, hiding the depth of their addiction. Unfortunately this loss of trust causes friction, anger, disappointment and shame amongst loved ones.

Frustrations grow, creating blame and ultimately distance.

The person you once loved has become a distant stranger.

There are also the monetary consequences of gambling, like mounting debts, loss of income and sometimes your home. Families often bail out a gambler, paying off their debts, trying to save and help them…. instead the opposite happens and the gambler ends up even more despondent and helpless, because unfortunately they have to gamble again!

With addiction escalating to serious consequences, gambling suicides and imprisonment are on the increase, although England and many countries around the world are starting to recognize this,  still, not enough is being done. But you are important too!

Our 3 Path’s Family Programs are created with you in mind: The Path of Forgiveness and Path of Reconciliation and The Path of Harmony.

Because we know compulsive gamblers have affected others within their relationship circle, we understand these family and friends are struggling too.

They are in need of support, similar to that of the gambler, that is why we have created our Family Programs.

We believe in reuniting families…so they can love again. You are important too!

We understand the involvement of families and friends, in a positive way, is very important for a gamblers recovery and for his continued success.

All our educational programs include:

The 2 week Family Program – Path of Forgiveness and Path of Reconciliation

Our unique, educational supportive 13 night residential program has two parts:

The first week equips you with a better understanding of this illness, giving you techniques that work. When your partner joins you in the second week, you can use these learned skills and start to rebuild the trust you once had.

In our safe, relaxed environment, rekindle that relationship.. before it is lost forever. 

PART 1: Just for youPath of Forgiveness: 6 days developed especially for you, the ‘affected other’. In our holistic safe environment you are the important one, while we help you gain a better understanding of this illness and how it has engulfed your loved one, we want you to be able take stock and start caring for yourself again. Relax and enjoy the experience while living a healthy, balanced life. When you reconcile your inner self, you will be better equipped to help yourself, your family and your loved one.

Remember there is no need to go through this alone – we are here for you!

PART 2: For you bothPath of Reconciliation: 6 days for you to reconnect with your partner the gambler, at your request they will come and join you. Working with you both together and separately, will help you heal that divide.

When was the last time you actually talked to each other without shouting and criticising?

We offer understanding to you both, knowing how this illness works, together you will become stronger and more united.

In our ‘Future planning’ sessions we tackle head on, amongst other things, your broken relationship, your money problems, and your struggles with family and friends.

This particular program comes with a Pre and Aftercare support.

Heal that pain and plan a new future.

The Path of Harmony – A Short break  – A therapeutic week  for couples and/or family, 5 nights when together, you can have couples and individual counselling, a chance to share the pain, anger and desolation in a safe environment.  With a better understanding of this illness comes an opportunity to rebuild and rekindle lost relationships.  

In our Holistic “In Natura” retreat Centre we treat the whole person — Mind, Body and Spirit — helping to rejuvenate, regain balance and harmony.

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Read Nuno’s article ‘How to identify a Problem Gambler’, see available help and things you can start doing today.

Often forgotten are the partners, the children, the parents and the friends.

They are the ones who have been affected by the gambler.

They did not choose the be in this position…but here they are.

Our Unique Affected Other Program – The Path of Hope is all about you, comfort and clarity when all around you…everything feels it is falling apart.




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