For Gamblers and Families

We think traditional therapy can be a perpetual trap!

Instead, we focus on helping gamblers and their families to make better life choices, debunking all the addiction and recovery myths that keep them trapped in the old rehab system that exhausts family dynamics.

An unique experience
Integrated in 'Natura'

Our Holistic programs


  • Pre Care
  • Treatment (Path of Freedom)
  • Aftercare

 Affected Others and Families :

  • Path of Hope
  • Path of Forgiveness
  • Path of Reconciliation

All our educational programs include:

Our Unique Programs

Set in our ‘In Natura’ environment, and supported by our professionals, our programs are designed for Compulsive Gamblers and Family Members.

a) Enabling the gambler to grow, to experience the path of freedom, helping them move beyond their gambling addiction and experience true healing.

b) Families often forgotten, are the people left at home, torn apart, in pain and angry, hurt, let down by the lies and deceit. Struggling to understand, not knowing why - before they walk away we want to give them the chance to understand and forgive.

Our Programs are designed to help all recover from some of the hardest times of their lives.

Good recovery, or recovery for good?

Our method of treating this illness is in a holistic way, where gamblers and their  families can find a place that offers understanding and support on their difficult road to reconciliation.

It is our COMMITMENT to bring compulsive gamblers and families the best recovery experience, instead of a good recovery you’ll engage in a recovery for good.

Our vision, our mission… your retreat

Recovery from a long-term illness is not straightforward nor easy, however we believe:

  • In a holistic approach to recovery
  • In the importance of having families and friends involved
  • In an individual’s capacity to change
  • That gambling and other addictions are a symptom

As a result, we strive to find the source of the problem and finally…

We believe and trust in our solution

We have the skills, experience, knowledge, and the team who have a desire to create a new beginning, a new era, whilst giving support, direction and empowerment, until a successful recovery is achieved.

Partnered with some of the best therapists, organisations and volunteers it makes us not just another treatment centre, but THE TREATMENT CENTRE!

Visit the page Co-Founders, our Team page and our Partners page.

But also spend some time looking at testimonials and endorsements.

You’ll then understand why this is the right place for you. A place to BE Understood… BE Healed… BE Yourself and to Become whole again.

The 3 ‘S’ Treatment program for Compulsive Gamblers

Symptom, Source and Solution:

Gambling is a way of escaping and masking your feelings therefore it is seen as a SYMPTOM.

To be able to solve the problem we need to find its SOURCE or roots.

Finally….once it is identified a SOLUTION can be found.

The 3 ‘Paths’ Treatment program for Partners and Families

Path of Hope, Path of Forgiveness and Path of Reconciliation:

We know that a gambler affects on average 14 people around them. These people are the ones left to pick up the pieces, keep the family home going, put food on the table…they are the ones left to keep everything together when it is falling down around them.

They did not ask for this, they didn’t foresee that something like this could happen to them.

Even if the Compulsive Gambler is not yet ready to stop it doesn’t mean that the affected other cannot receive help.

Help to understand, Help to cope and Help to Hope

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a) Compulsive Gambler Program

The location might look like a holiday destination, but the program is not…

This educational program aims to retrain your brain, challenge your goals so you can embrace a new life.

b) Family Programs

Our Family Programs were created because you matter too!

Empowering partners, wives, husbands, family members to overcome the most challenging moments of their lives.

Reuniting families again.

All set for real change? Book your recovery now!

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Help for families of gamblers


10 Days 10 Measures
(Pre Care) Barriers to STOP gambling

Gamblers Program

Affected Others Program

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