Food for recovery

Food is not an outside issue when it comes to gambling addiction.

Our relationship with food is directly connected to the way we experience life. It is one of the core issues. Therefore, any holistic approach to recovery must include a deep look into our association with food.

David Wolfe, world expert on nutrition says: “The quality and intent that’s behind the food we eat, the way it is grown, the way it was produced, the way it was delivered to us, the way it was prepared, the way that we ate it – all that has a strong impact on the quality of your life and the quality of our behaviours and what we value”.

Nutrition could even mean the difference between recovery and relapse. After all, if one is not feeding the body with the correct things, how can your body heal, restore, motivate and keep up its energy levels for its recovery and regeneration at rehab?

When you have the right nutrition, it becomes so much easier. If you’re running on bad food, it can sap your energy, make you feel queasy, and keep you from achieving your full potential in making progress toward your recovery. On the other hand, healthy, nutritious, well prepared food can give you the energy for healing of body, mind and spirit that brings the wellbeing you are seeking in recovery as you overcome your addiction. We don’t offer ‘detox’ drinks or vitamins. There are no quick fixes, and it is your liver that does the detoxing in your body, not your food.

The Human body is a perfect machine, as long as it is given the right fuel.

You wouldn’t put petrol in  diesel car!

Healthy cooking and our food program is overseen by a nutritionist. We firmly believe in our preferred option of Lorraine Kinsella as our main nutritionist as we know she can provide us with the right dietary programmes, for our guests’ need and require.

Food is known as one of the main six addictions in the world today, and as such it can have a huge impact on other addictions. The problem with food is that, unlike other habits, this one you can’t live without, rather, we are constantly in contact with it every day.

We try to:

  • Go green with organic salads, veggies, juices and smoothies
  • Eat organic, free-range and grass-fed meat
  • Have as much as we can of the so called superfoods
  • Use our own produce or buy from local farmers
  • Encourage hydration regularly

Our guests participate in growing and cooking ingredients from our own organic garden, providing, salads, fruits and vegetables for meals, juices and smoothies and using our own produce. To supplement our organic garden, we support and buy from local farmers.

Hydration is important for a gambler in recovery to understand, it needs to become a habit so they can identify the first signs of being thirsty. Previously they would have ignored these signs, suffering lethargy, headaches or even worst, a migraine.

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