Creative Therapy

Why be creative?

One answer is that it is fun to express ourselves creatively. Another reason is that the universe is in a constant state of change, and this calls for creative responses on our part to situations that may not respond to the same solutions that worked previously.

Creativity may not be a subject that immediately springs forth in your mind when thinking about ways to enhance your health. Often people associate creativity with the arts, music, and drama, and fail to realize the inherent need everyone has to express creativity irrespective of the form it takes.

Creativity is a natural phenomenon in a changing world. Painting, clay, photography and music are a few examples of creative expressions our guests experience at our retreat.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is the purposeful use of visual arts materials and media in intervention, counselling, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation; it is used with individuals of all ages, families, and in groups.

Clay Therapy

Clay therapy offers patients a productive opportunity to cope with challenging emotions and experiences in a sensual format that is responsive to them.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the prescribed use of music to effect positive changes in the psychological, physical, cognitive or social functioning of individuals with emotional and or health problems.

Yoga master and music therapist Sílvia Fernandes

Therapeutic Photography

To pick up and use a camera, one does not need extensive training – it is immediate and accessible and requires no specific skills or knowledge.  Photography provides an open-ended invitation to play, explore and discover.

When we dwell on how photographs accompany us throughout our lives, how they link us to who we are, how they relate to our memories and how we perceive ourselves and each other, then we can start to imagine its huge potential as a creative tool to explore the world we live in and our own relation to it.

The benefits of these techniques are:

  • increasing self-knowledge, awareness, and well-being
  • improving relationships with family and others
  • activating positive change
  • reducing social exclusion
  • assisting rehabilitation
  • strengthening communities
  • enriching intercultural relations
  • lessening conflict
  • bringing attention to issues of social injustice
  • sharpening visual literacy skills
  • enhancing education
  • producing other kinds of photo-based healing and learning
  • expanding qualitative research and prevention methodologies

We are fortunate to be only 5 minutes away from a beautiful location called Alombada Leisure and picnic area.


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