Our Partners

Delivering an outstanding and unique experience

Olly the Health Intervention

Dog Training

Dogs are able to fix people - without having to say a word.


Doing Business Doing Good

Sophie is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world and having a positive impact for future generations

Abrigo D’Aventura

Horse whisperer and rescuer

Daniel is the co-founder of Abrigo d'Aventura, passionate about horses and will allow us to use some of his


Horse Assisted Therapy Association

The horses themselves are the health intervention. They enhance positive feelings and raise oxytocin levels

Nancy Lee Ma

Crystal Clear Profits

Nancy Lee Ma is passionate about helping people become financially empowered through her many educational programs and energy coaching.

Sílvia Fernandes

Yoga and Music

Sílvia, an outstanding yoga master and music therapist delivers her own unique techniques to our guests in our beautiful location overlooking the mountains.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Breakeven is a Charity that focus on helping the Compulsive Gambler and their families to overcome gambling addiction


S. Pedro do Sul - SPA

Nature takes pride in its own exuberance, a synthesis of coloured fertility, decorating the meanderings of the river, rising through the leaves and sweeping down the hills

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