Is a retreat abroad right for me?

The benefits of attending a retreat abroad

Let’s discuss the many benefits you may receive when you elect to go to a retreat abroad.

Choosing to go to a retreat is probably a decision that will scare you, whether it is at home or abroad.

The idea of jumping on a plane and traveling to a place you have not been to before is daunting for most people and we understand for you it is even more challenging. However, once you have completed reading this article, we guarantee you will at least consider attending our Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat for compulsive gamblers.

People are often going abroad in order to receive cosmetic surgery, dentistry and even life-saving cancer treatment. In the last decade, there has been an ever-increasing number of people traveling overseas in order to receive drug and alcohol retreat treatment.

If you chose to attend our retreat for compulsive gambling, here’s a few benefits for you:

Our retreat is situated in a sunny location, with on average 275 days of sun each year and is known to generate many positive psychological benefits

The costs to attend Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat are generally cheaper than attending a retreat in the United Kingdom, USA and many countries because the cost of living is higher

Our holistic approach, offering many alternative and cutting-edge treatments, are simply not available at many other retreat centres around the world.

Because our short program is only 13 days long you have the potential to say to friends and colleagues that you simply went on holiday.

Some of the reasons people say they don’t want to go to a retreat abroad:

  • You are concerned retreats abroad aren’t subject to strict care and health and safety standards that are enforced in your home country
  • Going outside of my home country may mean I must apply for a VISA
  • I equate going abroad for fun and amusement, and it’s these temptations I want to avoid
  • I don’t think I will like the food
  • I don’t want to be far away from my loved ones
  • Going to a retreat abroad will simply be too costly

Now let’s dispel many of these objections

Whilst many of these objections may have some bearing in reality, many others simply are not true, or their importance is greatly exaggerated, remember the overall experience can change your life completely.

Below, we list a number of points that will help you to overcome the above objections:

Reality check #1: Life Beyond the Horizon offers a cutting-edge holistic approach and additional therapies and treatments with the same standards that you can find anywhere in the world

Reality check #2: You might need to apply for a Visa, but most of the countries have special agreements with Portugal, meaning that all you’ll need is probably your passport or ID Card. (see list here)

Reality check #3: Life Beyond the Horizon, although free of temptations, we will still encourage you to engage in recreational activities and this we call the replacement technique.

Reality check #4: As part of our program we offer healthy food. That doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty, it’s exactly the opposite and there are always plenty of options to choose from.

Reality check #5: It can be challenging being away from your family, but let’s be honest here: as a compulsive gambler were you really spending your spare time with them?

Reality check #6: It’s often cheaper to attend our retreat in Portugal, than it is in other countries. There are also potential funding options available.


Now you have read the above, we hope you are able to make a more informed decision. We encourage anyone considering coming to our Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat, that they will walk away with a life-changing experience.

Our location is conveniently central to Europe, Africa and America


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