I Tried to Stop Before…

I tried to stop before, why will it work this time?

We make you no promises and we do not sugar coat what we say to you.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem to overcome on your own, even with our help, the ONLY way you are going to stop is when you are ready to accept that you have a problem and you want to STOP.

We know previously you might have said “I need to stop this”, but you still gambled.

This ‘need’ thing is like a new year’s resolution, (when we want to lose weight or say “I’m going to join a gym”) As we all know, it very rarely works in the long term.

Therefore being ready to stop means you have a powerful reason or reasons to stop.

The number one most important reason is YOU!

Don’t think about what you are quitting. But focus and think about what you are gaining, like:

  • Lower levels of anxiety.
  • No more need to lie
  • No more deceit
  • No more stressful days looking for the best odds
  • More quality time with family and friends
  • Better concentration on your work
  • More happiness
  • A zest for life
  • Excitement

So are you truly ready to stop?

After thinking about this question, if you can honestly and truly answer YES then the Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat is for you.

We assure you of the best experience and results gained through our unique holistic program.

How would you like your FREEDOM back?

Our approach to giving you back the freedom you have lost, is the difference between a good recovery and a recovery for good.

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