A Typical Day In the Retreat

A typical day at our Retreat

It is normal for someone considering retreat therapy to wonder what a typical day looks like.

Your program is holistically based and addresses the whole body, mind and spirit. Each day offers different opportunities to practice what you are learning, thereby empowering you to live a gambling free life.

Restricting access to mobiles and internet helps your to stay focused. This distance from daily life, concerns and pressures, allows you to focus on what really matters, on family and social recovery so you will be able to reconnect back into society.

Our program focuses on retraining the brain, engaging in various tried and tested activities, travelling the structured, discovery path, thereby facilitating a change for good.

Scheduled daily sessions and events, indoors and out, the opportunity to re-discover old skills and activities and also the opportunity to experience and try something new!

Maybe you had an activity or hobby that gambling has taken away from you?

Although not mandatory, we’ll encourage you to engage in all the activities and sessions on offer. We try to tailor the experience to you, as we believe in a personalised recovery as everyone is unique.

Here is what a general day and week looks like:

Morning Agenda:

You awaken, shower, dress and start your day with making your bed and tidying your room.

Enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast, maybe take your coffee or tea and sit outside.

Maybe you will take a short refreshing or longer invigorating walk. Experience the astonishing views while walking through the clusters of indigenous trees, vegetation and bright flowers

Daily Sessions:

Therapeutic sessions: One to One, Group Sessions, Mindfulness, Yoga. Art therapy and Musicality to name a few.

Future planning sessions: preparing you for a future free of gambling, deciding and planning new interests, and most importantly helping you rebuild relationships with your family and friends.

Animal assisted therapy and interaction with the animals, in particular horses and dogs is a very important part of the day. Caring and looking after these animals is a very necessary activity for their welfare.

Bi Weekly:

An opportunity to visit a local SPA for a relaxing swim and therapeutic massage with an opportunity to visit the local town in the afternoon.

The following week after the visit to the local SPA and swim a picnic is enjoyed at the Alombada Leisure Park.


These are Recreational Days,  with a variety of activities to engage in.

Also a time for connecting with family and working on assignments.

You’ll have time to yourself, how would you use that time?

Maybe you’d  like to relax with a good book or walk in the surrounding area of beautiful mountains, just sit or take a nap…

Meal Times:

Meals are enjoyed family style around a large dining room table. Our Chef specialises in preparing Mediterranean cuisine, healthy food to heal the body and the mind.

After dinner, you will have an opportunity to join fellow guests who gather to talk, watch TV shows or movies, and write in their Diaries.