Our Holistic Approach

Our Holistic Approach

Our Holistic Approach is based on RENEWAL,RECOVERY and RECREATION: We focus on healing the whole person, encompassing the mind, body and spirit.

This means healing the Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual being.

Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat has individualized treatment aimed at facilitating the process of change, delivered by highly professional counsellors and partners, solution-focused and with healthy living throughout the recovery.

We welcome all, regardless of religion, faith, or lack thereof and it is important to note that, in spite of spirituality being explored, Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat is a retreat, NOT a religious institution. Spirituality is a personal exploration of how one relates with self, others, nature, and their own, private concept of a Higher Power. No one will ever be told or directed to believe any particular concept or belief; this is about their own personal exploration and discovery.

We believe everyone should be given a second chance.

Our philosophy is that ALL deserve the best that life can bring: the chance for growth, an opportunity of help, and an enriched life after recovery!

A home away from home, with a sense of community, surrounded by the beautiful countryside. This physical space of ‘In Natura’ is ideal for fostering healing and serenity, giving personal growth opportunities with the restoration of  health and happiness.  Everyone enjoys the area and being at one with the beautiful landscape, respecting the boundaries nature imposes and working in harmony with it, by accepting what this environment gives us we can be grateful for it. The emanant energy that emerges from nature floods one’s mind, body and spirit. There is something very special about this part of the world, a healing energy, a vibrancy, an infusion of spirit. Integration with outdoor therapies, provide a fantastic opportunity for reconnecting with ones’ inner self.

At Life Beyond the Horizon’s Retreat we recognize that many people simply feel ‘stuck’ as if they are a prisoner to things, people, places or past events. We have created a place to set them free, to experience release, relief, empowerment and excitement; somewhere they are finally able to unburden their emotional wounds and transform these wounds into wisdom. Offering the chance for reflection, looking at life in new ways, we allow people to be the best they can be.

Addictions are not meant to be a life sentence

Rather than just looking at the addiction we explore past life and future options. An addict is not the problem…they live with a problem!

We have areas dedicated for one to one counselling, group therapy, yoga, meditation, exercising, walking, animal assisted therapy and other communal areas offering a variety of opportunities to explore different therapies, including a food program with healthy foods, grown in our organic gardens and cooked in our kitchens, then enjoyed in the indoor or alfresco dining areas all delivered in a holistic way.

With a more complete understanding, a different conceivable future is both imagined and experienced. New responses are identified and practiced, giving the possibility of greater well-being for the future and road to recovery.

If you are ready, come and talk to us, we can help Book your Path to Freedom (HERE)