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Life Beyond the Horizon Terms and Conditions

Life Beyond the Horizon is a retreat and educational program for compulsive gamblers and their families dedicated to helping long-term recovery from this illness, and for them to be gambling free for the rest of their lives and has its own house rules.

These are designed to keep your recovery space safe, respectful, and conducive to learning and practicing new behaviours and experiences during the recovery process. This is aimed at supporting you to achieve your goal of a new healthy life, re-establishing healthy relationships with your loved ones.

Behaviour deemed by staff to be non-compliant with staff direction, policies, house rules or expectations may result in early departure from the program.

What is included:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Counselling and Therapy sessions as per our program
  • A weekly session of massage and swimming at the spa.
  • Recreational outings that are part of the program.
  • All necessary transportation for activities while staying at the Retreat.
  • Free transport is available to and from Aveiro or Porto to the Retreat.

Travel Arrangements to the Retreat:

Guests are responsible for their own flights and travel costs

If flying from the UK into Porto Airport please ask about the available funding options, these are subject to eligibility.

NB: If flying into airports other than Porto, free transport is not available

Arriving in Portugal:

  • If flying into Porto Airport we provide free transport to and from the Retreat
  • If using Public Transport into Aveiro or Porto (i.e. train or coach) we provide free transport to and from the retreat
  • If using your own vehicle please see our location page for directions

Travel Information and help: For travel assistance, information and help with the travel arrangements you are welcome to contact our partners, see website: ‘Travel Counsellors’ or contact Sacha Barbato direct sacha.barbato@travelcounsellors.com he is committed to helping our guests with all their arrangements.

Age: The program is only available for adults over the age of 18 years.

Your Wellbeing: Life Beyond the Horizon is not a medical facility.  Guests are responsible for their own medical, dental or pharmaceutical costs.

It is advisable to take out medical cover before travelling

Medical facilities are close by, contact reception for further information or assistance.

General Health

Guests should be in good general health, aware and responsible for their own healthcare during their stay. There will be opportunities to partake in various physical activities, walking in the mountains, cycling, swimming to name a few. If you are unsure of your suitability to attend these activities/programme, please consult your medical and/or mental health practitioner.

Guests on medication should seek advice from their medical practitioner before travelling and are responsible to bring an adequate supply for the course of their stay at Life Beyond the Horizon.

Use of alcohol or other drugs, and other addictive behaviours:

Life Beyond the Horizon is a complete abstinence space from the use of alcohol, mood-altering drugs, behaviours such as unhealthy dietary-related behaviours (e.g. binge eating, purging, laxative use, restricting food intake). By attending Life Beyond the Horizon, you are indicating your commitment to complete abstinence from such drugs and behaviours. Use of such substances or behaviours will result in the guest being asked to leave with an applicable credit (see below the No Refund and Credit policies).

Smoking Rules:

Our Life Beyond the Horizon is a non-smoking centre. Smoking and the use of vapers are only allowed in the designated area.

We believe in a healthy life while in recovery therefore we encourage abstinence from all forms of mood-altering or otherwise addictive drugs including nicotine. Please respect this in support of your own and fellow guests’ recovery.

For those guests who are participating in smoking cessation, it is recommended to bring a sufficient supply of your own personal nicotine patches.

Program compliance and general respect for others:

Various sessions, activities and assignments are provided throughout your stay and forms part of our program at Life Beyond the Horizon. Participation and respectful behaviour toward other guests is expected and anything else will not be tolerated. Should there be any question or issue of the level of participation or conduct of behaviour, this will be addressed firstly by staff. Disrespect of these policies may result in the guest being asked to leave.


Your place in the program is confirmed when a full non-refundable deposit is received. Payment in full is required before arrival. Payments are by direct bank deposit, wire transfer or Bitcoin and are final and non-transferable. Please ask about our funding options to see if you are eligible.


Our program fees are inclusive of taxes

No Refund and Credit policies:

All deposits and payments are final and non-refundable, regardless of who funded the monies. Should a guest not attend or leave before completion of the course, a non-transferable credit will be held for one year from the date of the stay and the whole or unused portion of the stay may be applied once and only by the named guest toward an application for a new, part or full program of equal duration or longer, this is depending upon availability and meeting the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria is at the discretion of the staff and include age, health, sobriety, ability to comply with policies, house rules, and expectations. An administrative fee will be applied for processing the reapplication. Failure to attend a return visit within the year will result in loss of the non-transferable credit.

Meals and Special Dietary Requirements

All meals are included during your stay. Please inform us, prior to arrival and payment, of any food allergies, intolerances or special dietary requests, such as vegan or vegetarian so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Housekeeping service

You are expected to keep your room tidy and to make your own bed. A housekeeping service is available, please ask at reception if you need assistance. Sheets and towels will be changed each week.

Laundry service

Laundry facilities are available, please ask at reception for assistance.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Any personal data is kept secure and your privacy and confidentiality are strictly respected by all staff at Life Beyond the Horizon.

All information pertaining to your stay at Life Beyond the Horizon and associated sessions will be kept strictly confidential. Staff will only exchange relevant clinical information with family members or other parties with your explicit written direction and consent that you will complete upon arrival.

In respect of guests’ privacy and confidentiality, guests are not permitted to bring cameras or use other devices to take pictures during their stay.

Your contact information will not be made available to any third party but you may opt in to receive information and news about Life Beyond the Horizon that we think may be of interest and relevance to you. If at any time you do not want to receive such information you can unsubscribe.

Life Beyond the Horizon respects your digital data. Please visit our Privacy Policy  page for more information about our online practices.

Liability Waiver

You, the guest, are responsible for your own informed decision to enter into and thus fully participate in the Life Beyond the Horizon program and for your own personal wellbeing and health care while at Life Beyond the Horizon. We accept no liability for any personal injury or loss, including insect, or animal bites, or death, during our programs or while being on or off our property, or illness directly or indirectly related to the program, property or activities. Such activities could include participating in horseback riding, hiking, swimming, yoga, or taking part in other physical or recreational activities that forms part of your program.

Prior to attending Life Beyond the Horizon, please review and accept the policies by completing the LIFE BEYOND THE HORIZON RELEASE FORM.

What to pack will be sent to you over an email as this will depend on weather conditions

Weather forecast will be emailed to you

NB: Any breaking of the above House Rules will be discussed with the clinical and management team and appropriate measures will be taken, any major infringements could lead to removal from the program

I acknowledge having read and understood these Terms and Conditions. I understand that my compliance with all of these Terms and Conditions, along with meeting the following Life Beyond the Horizon documents:

To confirm that you have read and accepted the above document, please visit the Release Form and tick the appropriate boxes.


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