Blissfully peaceful, tranquil and empowering

Your five senses will become alive again when you start experiencing all that this country has to offer.

You will be encouraged and lead towards a life changing experience that will facilitate an inevitable transformation.

An overview

Portugal is geographically and centrally located to be convenient for the Europeans and Americans.

Tranquillity, privacy and confidentiality are assured in the magnificent central region of Aveiro

The serene supportive setting gives gamblers an affordable option, a chance to retrain the brain, removed from the triggers that keep them trapped in a constant cycle of recovery.


Located 86 KM (53 miles) drive from Porto airport it has good access and is situated only 10 minutes  from the main roads linking North/South and East/West. Main roads are the A1 and A25. GPS location: 40.68 N / -8.40 W

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is about 2,5 hours drive from Alombada where our retreat is located. Check our MAP Page

‘Cabeço’ – Our casa your home

The In Natura’ Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat is on the outskirts of the small village Alombada, set in the mountains of Caramulo and has only 15 other inhabitants!

The Features:

This area of Portugal has beautiful mountainous landscapes, waterfalls and rivers and is 30 minutes away from the beautiful quiet beaches at Costa Nova.

Nearby in the town of São Pedro Do Sul is the natural hot water spa ‘BALNEÁRIO QUEEN D. AMELIA ’ providing our guests with a unique holistic experience, helping you relax and allowing you to let your stresses subside and be replaced by a feeling of wellbeing.

At the bottom of the Caramulo mountains on the road to Alombada is a local Leisure Park, a beauty spot where you can reflect, breath and embrace the peace and tranquillity while walking and sitting beside the running river.

It is not a holiday:

Please do not think this is a holiday, although because of the setting you could mistake it for one, rest assured it is no picnic.

The various activities between counselling sessions, although enjoyable, have been researched and planned for our guests to enhance their path to recovery.

Please see our programs page for further details.

Our Central Area of Portugal


Porto, in Portugal, near to our gambling addiction retreat


Aveiro in Portugal

Costa Nova

Costa Nova, in Portugal


Agueda, in Portugal.


Albergaria, in Portugal

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