The role of food in recovery from gambling addiction

“Diet often neglected, is a vital part of a gambler’s recovery from their addiction.”

We believe that our relationship with food is directly connected to the way we experience life, because all functions of the body and mind are affected by the food and water we consume. Food is not an outside issue when it comes to gambling addiction, but one of the core issues. Therefore, any holistic approach to recovery MUST include a deep look into our guests association with food.

If one is not feeding the body with the correct things, how can it heal, restore, motivate and keep up energy levels for its recovery and regeneration?

Bad food saps your energy, makes you feel queasy and can stop you from achieving your full potential in making progress towards your recovery. 

On the other hand, healthy, nutritious, well prepared food can give you the energy and well-being you need for healing the Body, Mind and Spirit. That is why, at our Retreat, a diet specially created by Nutritionists, provides a diet that will lift energy levels, help with mood and thinking and also has immunity against disease.

This holistic approach makes the most of foods that are essential for assisting you our guest to a good recovery.  

Guests participate in growing and cooking food grown in our organic gardens, providing ingredients for salads, vegetables for meals, and fruits for juices and smoothies. We also buy from local farmers.

Eating Greens

Eating greens is crucial to get minerals to counteract the acidic, inflammatory foods that most gamblers have consumed: bag of crisps, bars of chocolate, snacks, fizzy drinks and energy drinks.

Eating raw or lightly cooked vegetables

Vegetables can be raw or lightly cooked and easily digested in smoothies or  juiced. This is one of the most powerful ways to increase alkalinity, re-mineralize, thereby creating optimal health.

Seeds, nuts, fruits

Eating seeds and nut butters are very good, but not too much, as we need to watch the high sugar content of these ingredients. Some foods such as bananas, pineapple, carrots, oranges and beets are high in sugar content, however, they are a natural source of sugar.


Superfoods are another great way to improve your food intake. Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, seaweed, goji berries, chia, bee pollen, maca, acai berries, coconuts.

Herbs and fungi such as ginseng, nettle, aloe vera, and reishi mushrooms, are all nutrient dense plants.


How many times do we neglect the amount of water we drink? It is important that our guests in recovery understand that drinking regularly needs to become a priority, a habit so they can recognise the first signs of being thirsty.

Previously ignored, they would have suffered lethargy, until the body sent a very strong message,in the form of a headache or even worst, a migraine.

The human body is a perfect machine, as long as it is given the right fuel.


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