House Rules

House Rules

The following Life Beyond the Horizon retreat rules is provided to assist with compliance with the spirit of what we offer and our residents hope for. Although the main goal of the program is educational, we encourage and recommend interaction with guests, animals and staff.

Tobacco/nicotine and Alcohol use:

  • Life Beyond the Horizon is a non-smoking/nicotine product free property. Designated Smoking Area: Use of Vapers and nicotine-containing products in any form during your stay at Life Beyond the Horizon is only permitted in the designated location outside. Please have respect for the nature around you.
  • Life Beyond the Horizon is an alcohol-free environment and alcohol intake is not allowed under any circumstances.

Electronic devices:

Use of electronic devices i.e., cell phones, I-pods, mp3 players, laptops etc will be limited, although some availability to contact loved ones will be allowed.

Frequently contacting family or loved ones are not recommended during your stay

  • On arrival, these distractions will be removed and placed in a safe location. Use of these devices will be agreed upon with your therapeutic team.
  • Cameras or picture taking devices will only be permitted during specific therapy lessons. Use of these will be agreed upon with your therapeutic team.
  • Computer use with the internet via Wifi is monitored and for the use of contacting loved ones or in emergencies and will be agreed with your therapeutic team.

You are required to: 

  • Respect others’ personal space and always wear appropriate clothing.
  • Use of the library and TV is available at the designated times.
  • Use your downtime as per timetable and lights out is requested by 11 pm
  • Stay close…we are here to support you.
  • You are welcome to walk around the property, but please respect nature at all times.
  • Be punctual when participating in the various sessions, activities and meals unless unwell or there is a physical emergency.

You are not permitted to:

  • Chew gum, eat food or use other distractions during sessions.
  • Watch films, read books or magazines of a sexually-explicit nature, print or view online.


  • Residents will share responsibilities for the animals’ exercise and wellbeing as this forms part of the animal-assisted interventions and as such needs to be consistent with their ‘rules’ and the many tasks will be overseen as per our program
  • Clean up after yourself, keep all areas tidy and litter-free, help tidy the common rooms,
  • Keep the bathroom clean by wiping counters and spills
  • Bedroom to be kept tidy and bed made daily.
  • Personal laundry can be done by contacting a member of staff.
  • Food to be eaten in the dining areas only.
  • No food is allowed in bedrooms or common areas
  • No cooking outside of the kitchen or barbecue areas
  • Keep our home safe; e.g. no candles or open flames allowed, the exception is made for use in therapy sessions and heating.
  • Respect the privacy of the staff’s personal part of the home, unless there is an emergency

NB: Any breaking of the above House Rules will be discussed with the clinical and management team and appropriate measures will be taken, any major infringements could lead to removal from the program

I acknowledge having read and understood these House Rules. 

I understand this and the above are parts of my Release Form where I need to tick all appropriate boxes.


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