Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat

We take being trustworthy as a serious ethical commitment, so our guests are able to participate freely when working with our professionals to achieve their desired goals.

Our guests are able to trust us with their wellbeing and sensitive personal information.

What YOU can expect of US:

The Life Beyond the Horizon team commits to:

Our clients come first:

  • We make you our primary concern during your stay, treating you as a guest in our home.
  • Our goal is to act in your best interests according to your stated objectives and goals
  • Have faith and trust in your capacity for self-determination and personal growth to achieve freedom

Work to professional standards:

  • Keeping our skills and knowledge up to date
  • Working within our competence and proficiencies
  • Collaborating with colleagues to improve the quality of what is being offered to our guests
  • Keeping accurate and appropriate records
  • Reviewing our work with clients in supervision

Show respect by:

  • Protecting our guest’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Valuing each guest as a unique person
  • Agree with each guest on how we can best work together
  • Monitoring how our guest experience our work together and the effects of our work with them

Appropriate Relationships with Guests:

  • Maintain and uphold professional ethical conduct and boundaries
  • Listen to our guest’s experiences during our work together
  • Respect the boundaries between our work with each guest and what lies outside that work
  • Treating our guests with dignity, compassion and respect
  • Not exploiting or abusing our guests

Maintain integrity by:

  • Communicating our qualifications, experience and working methods accurately
  • Be honest, do what we say/mean what we say
  • Work ethically and with careful consideration of how we fulfil our legal obligations
  • Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly

Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professionals

We abide by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) that you can access below:

What we expect of you:

To achieve your optimal personal growth toward YOUR goals, and to contribute to a mutually positive, nurturing home environment, it is expected that during your stay you:

  • Make recovery your highest priority; this includes demonstrating a desire to fully participate in all aspects of the program and take direction from staff
  • Be punctual for scheduled sessions, activities, and meals and work on assignments in a timely fashion
  • Be open, honest and respectful
  • Raise questions & issues promptly, with a spirit of respect and cooperation, and participate in their resolution in a timely fashion
  • Consistently display respectful behaviour which is peaceful, nonviolent, non-abusive and non-aggressive
  • Respect the confidentiality and anonymity of your fellow guests
  • NOT invite nor enter into romantic relationships (incl. being alone together or entering other people’s bedrooms)
  • NOT possess or use any mood-altering drugs including alcohol, narcotics, sedatives, non-prescription drugs etc.
  • On arrival disclose all prescribed medications brought to Life Beyond the Horizon
  • Respect the TV, computer & phone guidelines
  • Respect and compliance with The House Rules, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

NB: Any breaking of the above Expectations will be discussed with the clinical and management team and appropriate measures will be taken, any major infringements could lead to removal from the program

I acknowledge having read and understood these Expectations. 

I understand this and the above are parts of my Release Form where I need to tick all appropriate boxes.

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