Affected Others Program

An invitation from Nuno, co-founder of Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat

Dear Friend, through my One to One Counselling sessions I have helped thousands of people survive some of the hardest times of their lives. This silent killer causes untold devastation in families throughout the world but through my residential programs many are being helped. You did not choose to be in this position…but here you are anyway!

Historically we have focused on helping the Compulsive Gambler, forgotten are the families they have affected. The people they leave at home are also torn apart, hurt, in pain and angry. They have been let down by their loved one, fed lies and deceived.

Are you struggling to understand? Not knowing why – before you walk away we want to give you the chance to understand and hopefully forgive and move Beyond the problem

So leave behind the confines of your current life and come with me and take one breath at a time

With love and gratitude,


Affected Others Program

My innovative, educational 6 day residential program has been developed especially with you in mind, when you have a better understanding of the gamblers condition, you will be better equipped to help yourself, your family and your loved one.  In our holistic safe environment you are the important one, we want you to be able take stock, start caring for yourself again, enjoy the experience while living a healthy, balanced life.

Complete your Initial Information Form and start your BOOKING NOW. Trained staff will assess your application, giving consideration to your individual needs. Booking and travel information will follow.

Coming is part of a bigger journey…

…and starts before arriving…

…and has ongoing support after the program is completed!

Our Pre-Care Support

While you are waiting to attend the Retreat depending on your personal circumstances, you will be offered support through emails. Also available are phone/Skype sessions. All are tailored to help you get ready for the journey!

…and that is your first step on the Path of Hope!

Affected Others Program – The Path of Hope

Gambling addiction is a serious problem and an illness.

In our Holistic “In Natura” retreat Centre we treat the whole person — Mind, Body and Spirit — helping to rejuvenate, regain balance and harmony.

Explaining gambling addiction in greater depth will help you understand why they lied to and deceived you, time and time again.

Maybe you bailed them out? We will explain better ways you can help them.

Maybe you are past caring for them…what about the family…do they not deserve their Mother, their Father to be whole again?

You have been struggling to keep things together for a long time, we will help you understand your feelings and when you can forgive yourself, maybe you will be able to forgive them!

While you are with us we will help you to find SOLUTIONS for your various problems.

We help you do all of this by giving you a safe environment that is free from all your daily routines and stresses.

A place where you have the chance to think, to still your troubled thoughts and start to breathe again, one breath at a time.

During your stay you will be encouraged to take part in all or some of the following:

When you are ready to return home our ‘Future Planning’ Sessions help you plan for that return.

Our After-care Plan:

At the Retreat we helped explain gambling addiction and how it had affected you, addressing any underlying and related issues, now from the comfort of your home and in the arms of your family we want you to build upon the foundations you started.

Our After-care Plan includes:

  • Rebuilding Relationships
  • Addressing financial problems
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Unhelpful coping mechanisms
  • Helpful coping mechanisms
  • Relapse prevention
  • Continuing therapy and guidance as needed
  • Other identified needs

Continued success depends on maintaining all of the positive changes and understandings made at the retreat. Parts of the above aftercare plan is provided by email at no extra cost. However, if you require more intensive support after your retreat stay, including either counselling or skype sessions, family therapy or coaching, there are a range of options that we are able to provide. These packages are designed to suit the needs of the individual and their family network and fit around your daily schedule. For costs and further information contact us.

More Information can be found on our Fees and Funding Page

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Got a question and would like to know more  Come and talk to us,

Read Nuno’s article ‘How to identify a Problem Gambler’, see available help and things you can start doing today.

Often forgotten are the partners, the children, the parents and the friends.

They are the ones who have been affected by the gambler.

They did not choose the be in this position…but here they are.

Our  Family Programs The Path of Forgiveness and Path of Reconciliation and The Path of Harmony.

More Information can be found on our Fees and Funding Page


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