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Congratulations on having the courage to reach out for help. Whether you are a Gambler or an Affected other, we are here for you. Now is the time to take that leap of faith, book your road to freedom today.

Addiction will never get better on its own!

If you have been looking at our website and found yourself on this page, chances are pretty good, that you are in the right place. If you have decided enough is enough and want things to change, we’re glad you’re here. We’re sorry that you have the need for this place, but here we are!

The Gambler’s Program

We created a space with you in mind, debunking all the addiction and recovery myths that keep you trapped in the old rehab system.

If you leave it and many do, procrastination becomes your worst enemy. The memory of what led you to seek help begins to fade. The old thinking that you can do this alone, creeps back in. The cycle begins again, and usually, it gets worse. Addiction never gets better on its own.

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Fees and Funding For more information

If you are still uncertain whether this is for you or not, why not complete our ‘Gambling Star Assessment’ and find out. It will only take 5 minutes.

The Family’s Program

Specially designed with partners/spouses in mind, because often forgotten are the people the gambler has affected and hurt.

Those who don’t understand, judge more! With better understanding will come HOPE.

You are important, you did not ask to be in this place, but here you are anyway. You are struggling to understand…trying to keep the family and home together. But what about you? Do not keep their addiction hidden. We will support you and give you the tools to understand and when you become stronger, change is inevitable.

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Four easy steps to freedom

Step 1 of the Life Beyond the Horizon booking process.

Submit the Initial Assessment form

The questions contained in the online form will give our clinical team a better understanding of your individual needs.

Step 2 of the Life Beyond the Horizon booking process.

Our clinical team will be in touch

They will ensure you are clear about our Program options, so you can make informed decisions.

Step 3 of the Life Beyond the Horizon booking process.

Program Costs

A confirmation email containing all your program information, its costs, payment and funding options.

Step 4 of the Life Beyond the Horizon booking process.

Final Arrangements

Your personal Placement Team Member will then contact you to discuss our Pre-Care, helping you get ready

Complete the Initial Assessment form

Start the form

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