Meditation a Recovery through change

I’ve been seeing clients with gambling problems since 2011

It is truly beyond words to convey the number of people I have seen suffering with this illness.

During this time I have learnt some important lessons and I would like to share a relevant one with you. But first…

We are conditioned to believe that we can find the solution to happiness in the objects of our desires.

When we achieve more, do more, work harder, then we will be able to relax, be happier, feel complete and start living.

Through advertising and marketing, we receive constant affirmation that if we have this item or that, or a body that looks this way or that, then we will be more content.

Of course, it is all based on an illusion, and only serves to keep us at that same level of consciousness, trying to seek relief in the outside world.

…. the other afternoon I was reading ‘Recovery 2.0’ by Tommy Rosen a book about addictions and recovery, he believes that meditation helps enormously.

I feel privileged every time I experience meditation, for me personally, meditation makes me feel as if everything is going to be ok.

and that day, following what I had read from Tommy Rosen, my thoughts lead me to a different perspective of addiction.

He said that addiction is a form of spiritual seeking: “With addiction you have the right idea for a destination, but you’ve gotten on the wrong train.” The “wrong train” in this case, is our belief that the outside world can offer us something to make us whole again.

The ‘Right Train’ – the spiritual path

– a path to connection, contentment and love.

Is there anyone among us who does not deeply desire these things?

But how can you find the right train?

That is where recovery comes in – Recovery helps us to understand that there is nothing you have to run from.

You are now on the right train, when you turn and face your life, and begin to look within yourself.

Those things which have grown big in your mind, can be brought down to size, if you just sit still long enough.

Become attuned to a deeper truth within yourself, fear is gone once realisation dawns.

Watch your life change for the better when you discover recovery through change.  Try meditation, yoga, food, etc.

We can all learn to sit still, and that is the point:

  • Stop running.
  • Stop chasing.
  • Stop complaining.
  • Stop and be still.

Steady and consistent change, is a way to live a life beyond addiction, beyond ALL addictions.

No one ever died from just sitting still!

With Love and Gratitude


Written by Nuno Leitao

March 25, 2019

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