Abrigo D’Aventura

Hearts radiate a magnetic field, the bigger the heart the bigger the field.

The Abrigo D'Adventura was founded by Daniel Leitao in 2010, when his great passions for sport, adventure and horses - turned into his profession. Daniel, a horse whisperer, is passionate about rescuing animals in distress, his unique ability to understand and empathise with these poor creatures enables him to restore their health and confidence in humans again.

Daniel has vast experience and offers a range of different and action-packed activities.

His knowledge of the area and the safety of his horseback riding make Abrigo D’Aventura, a company worth visiting for an enjoyable experience and pastime.

Parallel to his commercial activity, Abrigo D’Aventura also makes the acquisition, collection, recovery and treatment of abandoned horses.

Daniel works hard to improve their physical and psychological situation.

Abrigo d’Aventura is helping Life Beyond the Horizon by lending us foals and older horses, thereby helping our guests to benefit from the interaction with them.

Horses used for assisted therapy is beneficial in many ways, by caring for an animal our guests will start to care for themselves!


O Michael Phelps dos cavalos! 🐎❤️The Michael Phelps of the horses! 🐎❤️#abrigodaventura #passeiosacavalo #horseriding

Posted by Abrigo D'Aventura on Saturday, 12 August 2017




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