Gambling Addiction
Therapy and Retreat

Our ‘In Natura’ space has been created to help problem gamblers and
their families survive some of the hardest experiences of their lives.

Historically recovery from gambling addiction takes months, if not years.

Our ‘In Natura’ environment enables guests to grow and experience their own path to FREEDOM. To help them move beyond their gambling addiction, in the shortest period of time possible.

We believe that those affected by the gamblers’ actions need just as much help and support, hence our innovative Family Programs.

Why our program is different

The combination of our Holistic approach and natural setting, means we are eco-friendly and sustainable. The energy that emerges from the nature, and healing through beauty and tranquillity, means our guests will be inspired to discover a whole new understanding, not just for their problems, but for themselves, becoming whole again. To treat the mind, body and spirit, we offer:

  • One to one and Group Counselling
  • Animal assisted Therapy
  • Art and Expression Therapy
  • Exercise and Nature Orientated Program
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Future Planning sessions plus more

Through strong guidance, relationship building therapies and our future planning sessions, we can help equip guests with the freedom to have a life without gambling, so they will be prepared and ready when they go home to their family and friends.

Our Family Program has three different components:

  • Path of Hope
  • Path of Forgiveness
  • Path of Reconciliation
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Is your gambling out of control?

Even if you think it is or it isn’t, you are in the right place.

If you are ready to give yourself the gift of change, come and talk to us, we can help.

‘The Path to Freedom’, our unique concept, empowers you to experience true healing. Instead of just GOOD RECOVERY you’ll achieve RECOVERY FOR GOOD.

Maybe you don’t think you have a problem, and that’s ok.

Why not find out here?

So, someone you know has a gambling problem! Now what?

Do you have a loved one trapped in an endless cycle of addiction and recovery? Are they in denial? Do they argue with you? Are they constantly asking you for money?

Find out how to identify a compulsive gambler here.

Think about your own feelings, are you angry? Hurt? What kind of anxiety are you experiencing? How often have you bailed them out?

It is important to not only look after your loved one, but also yourself. We have three different Family Programs to help you get through this difficult time. These programs can help you understand the situation, and find the Paths to Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Hope.

Find out here.

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